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Law Enforcement Assistance Services

PSTP Reclaims offers various services related to cryptocurrency, including tracing, training and courses, assistance with cases, expert witness services, and expert opinions.

We also provide professional talks on cryptocurrency tracing and forensic investigations.

We assist law enforcement agencies by providing investigative reports and instructions on how to request or subpoena suspect information for the purpose of recovering funds.

Our team of experts has experience in helping law enforcement agencies recover assets internationally.

If you’re a law enforcement agency seeking specialized assistance in cryptocurrency tracing and cyber investigations, we offer pro bono services to qualified applicants. Click the button below to learn more and apply.

Click Here for Free Assistance for Active Members of Law Enforcement ➞

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Our Law Enforcement Assistance Services

Our team of experts offers a range of services to help law enforcement agencies and organizations effectively investigate and prosecute cases involving cryptocurrency. From crypto tracing and expert witness services to professional talks and training courses, we have the knowledge and resources to assist with any case.

Crypto Tracing & Case Assistance

We provide comprehensive crypto tracing services, as well as assistance with specific cases, to help investigators track down and recover stolen assets. Our team is also available to put you in touch with federal or local partners who may be conducting similar traces.

Courses & Training

In addition to our case assistance services, we also offer training and courses to help law enforcement agencies build their knowledge and skills in the realm of cryptocurrency investigations. From basic introductions to advanced techniques, we have options for learners of all levels.

Expert Witness Services & Opinion Services

As experts in the field of cryptocurrency tracing and forensic investigations, we are also available to provide professional opinion services and serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings. Our team’s expertise and credibility can be invaluable in building a strong case.


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PSTP Reclaims Inc.

Law Enforcement Assistance

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your agency or organization with our cryptocurrency tracing and forensic investigation services.


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2000 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, DC

Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

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