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Cryptocurrency Tracing and Recovery

Are you a victim of theft or fraud involving cryptocurrencies? Have fraudulent or malevolent behaviours cost you hard-earned digital assets?

We are aware of the difficulties and annoyances you could be experiencing. Our crypto recovery services are available to assist you in getting back what is truly yours.

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Cryptocurrency Scams

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, clever scams and cutting-edge innovations coexist side by side. This digital environment demands awareness, skill, and initiative to navigate. We at PSP2 Reclaim are dedicated to teaching and equipping users to identify and stay away from Bitcoin fraud.

Common Cryptocurrency Scams

Phishing Attacks

Cryptocurrency users are frequently the subject of fraudulent emails, websites, or social media posts that pretend to be trustworthy and deceive them into disclosing private keys or passwords.

Ponzi Schemes

Investing schemes that are fraudulent promise large returns at low risk. These frauds work by using fresh money to reimburse previous investors, starting a vicious loop that finally breaks.

Fake Initial Coin Offerings

Phishers fabricate initial coin offerings (ICOs) to lure investors into investing in a business that never happens. After the money is raised, the con artists vanish with the money.

Scammed Online? Hire Cryptocurrency Tracing and Recovery Services to Get Back Money

If you were recently the victim of a cryptocurrency scam or fraud, you are likely aware of how difficult it can be to get your money back, particularly if you attempt to do it alone.

We at PSTP Reclaim provide expert witness support, and upon request, we may work with law enforcement to aid with the process of tracking down and recovering Bitcoin scams and frauds.

The prevalence of cryptocurrency fraud and crime has increased along with the adoption of digital currency. Crypto tracing has made it feasible to track and maybe recover funds in the event of theft or loss.

Why did I fall victim to cryptocurrency fraud? Top Reasons to Check!

People might become victims of cryptocurrency scams; these causes frequently involve a combination of false information, ignorance, and psychological tricks used by scammers. The following are some typical causes for people to fall victim to Bitcoin scams:

Lack of Education

Many people get into the world of cryptocurrencies without fully grasping the risks involved or how they operate. Those who are ignorant about technology and the possibility of fraud are more vulnerable.

Trust in Unverified Information

To earn people's trust, scammers frequently employ false information, phony endorsements, or made-up success tales. People who believe such information without checking its veracity run a higher risk of becoming victims.

Impersonation Techniques

Scammers may use impersonation techniques to pose as respectable people, organizations, or projects. People who fall for these impersonations and aren't careful could end up giving out personal information or committing fraud.

High-pressure Tactics

Instilling panic or a sense of urgency, are sometimes used by scammers to trick people into making snap judgments without doing enough research.

Over-reliance on Technology

Although technology is supposed to improve security, people who rely too much on it may come to trust systems without questioning the accuracy of the information they are given. Con artists take advantage of this confidence by fabricating realistic-looking phoney websites or apps.

Desperation for rapid Gains

People who are struggling financially or are looking to make rapid money may be more vulnerable to scams that offer large profits at low risk.

How does PSTP Reclaims Traces Cryptocurrency?

  1. The customer must first provide the investigation firm with all pertinent data and supporting documentation related to the first Bitcoin transfers they made.
  2. After that, the detective will go over the records and locate the cryptocurrency.
  3. If the trace is successful, a thorough report of all the transactions will be written. To assist law enforcement and legal companies in requesting a subpoena for the identified transfers to Virtual Asset Service Providers, our staff at PSTP Reclaims carefully documents all pertinent transfers along with the accompanying documentation.
  4. Every report is examined by PSTP Reclaims for quality control.
  5. The client ought to provide the report to their legal firm or the appropriate law enforcement agency. In addition to providing technical support, PSTP Reclaims is qualified to testify as an expert witness in both civil and criminal proceedings.


The best way to protect yourself from cryptocurrency fraud is to approach it like any other investment or purchase. Just because you come across the terms “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed payoff.

Asset Tracing


PSTP Reclaim

We at PSTP Reclaim are experts in the complex field of blockchain technology, and we use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to trace and retrieve misplaced or stolen cryptocurrency. Our team of seasoned experts blends legal knowledge with technological proficiency to deliver all-encompassing solutions catered to your particular situation.

With us, you can take back control of your digital assets. Make the first move toward regaining what is rightly yours. Why wait? Get in touch with us right now to talk about your case with our professionals.

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